Year 3, Book 36.5

36.5 Love and Consequences: A Memoir of Hope and Survival by Margaret B. Jones
This book gets a half designation because I only made it through about the first third if that before giving up on it. If you’re not familiar it is one of the recent books quickly pulled by the publisher after it was discovered that the author was not in fact a half white/half Native American foster child growing up in South Central L.A. who became involved in gang life, but instead a completely white girl who grew up in an intact suburban family attending private school no less. She was outed by her sister. Why she thought she could get away with so public a lie I have no idea. At any rate when I first heard about this book prior to it’s publication I was excited about it. It totally sounded like something right up my alley, which you should know if you’ve been following my book reading habits over the past several years. Then within a week of it being published the story broke and it was being pulled off the shelves. So I figured that was that and I would never read it. Cut to yesterday when I was dropping off some books at the Hampden library and I noticed that they had a copy of this book. They must have bought it right when it came out and before the publisher pulled it. So I was intrigued and decided to check it out. To start I don’t find it a very well written book and since the author was a supposed Blood she refuses to use the letter c in many words replacing it with k’s, which is super-annoying and highly prentensious in my opinion. If I had been reading the book thinking it was true I probably would have overlooked these things to concentrate on her story, but knowing that the book was a complete and utter lie I couldn’t get past them. Not to mention the fact that everything in the book seems so cliched and she somehow seems to have such great insight into all these things that supposedly happened to her as a child. Knowing that she made it all I just couldn’t keep reading because that just seemed so glaring after being aware of it. So I quit reading it. And it kind of makes me sick that this woman tried to get attention and profit off of telling people she went through things that she never had to suffer through, but that thousands of people in this country really do every day. Ugh! This book really didn’t deserve the small amount of my time I spent on it. A 1 out of 10. If I gave negative scores I would give it one.

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