Year 4, Book 3

3. The White Tiger: A Novel by Aravind Adiga
The 2008 Man Booker Prize winning novel. This was a very quick read. The book follows the life of an Indian man who is hired as a driver for a wealthy man from his village, whom he eventually murders. Every review I read mentioned the murder and I kept thinking they were giving something away, but the protagonist tells you himself in the first couple of pages. So I’m not giving spoiling anything by telling you that. Aside from the plot, the book seems to be a commentary on status and social class in India. I’m reading this book for one of my book clubs this month, and it will be interesting to see what people have to say about it. I give it a 6 out of 10.

3 thoughts on “Year 4, Book 3

    1. She said you can borrow it. It’s at my house. You can come get it any time. I won’t be there tomorrow night, but Paul should be. Or I can always leave it in the vestibule for you. Just make sure to bring it to the book club as there is a book club reading guide in the back.

      1. Thanks!

        I’ll probably come by tomorrow evening after work. If it’s not in the vestibule I’ll get it from Paul. Figure, if I don’t bring it, I just need to walk a block to my house. 🙂 Thank you!!!

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