Year 4, Book 23

23. Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates
As I was reading this book I pretty much compared it to Rabbit, Run by John Updike as well as the television show Mad Men. They both share a lot of the same themes about suburban ennui during the late 1950’s early, 1960’s. Rabbit, Run and Revolutionary Road were written about the same time and do both focus on that theme of how did I wind up in this dreary suburban life when at one time my life had so much more potential. As you may recall I hated Rabbit, Run. I did not feel the same way about Revolutionary Road. It’s really a character study of April and Frank who feel unfilled living their picture perfect suburban life. It’s a deep read and not at all a happy book, but if you actually liked Rabbit, Run or enjoy Mad Men you would probably like this book. I’m kind of curious about the movie now because I don’t see how well this book would translate to a movie. I feel like it would be rather boring, but I’ll probably watch it at some point just to find out. I rate the book 7 out of 10.

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