Year 4, Book 28

28. Captain Freedom: A Superhero’s Quest for Truth, Justice, and the Celebrity He So Richly Deserves by Xavier G. Robillard
I really wanted to like this book better than I did. It’s kind of clever in premise, but I found it’s execution kind of lacking. It’s the story of Captain Freedom obviously. It kind of crosses the third wall in that he is a superhero who works for the comic book that writes of his superhero adventures except that he really lives them out but also has his own will so that he is not just doing stuff that people are writing him to do. His actions eventually get him fired from Gotham Comics and most of the book is his backstory about how he got to where he ended up. As I mentioned the concept is kind of clever, but the writing isn’t that good in my opinion and the book relies way too heavily on pop culture references, which can be kind of amusing but will make it so that in a couple years no one will get the jokes. I give it a 4 out of 10.

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