Friend Kitchen

Friend Kitchen is a fairly new Chinese/Thai restaurant on the Avenue in Hampden. It replaced the really scary Chinese restaurant that was there for years prior. It literally just had a piece of plywood painted with black paint tacked up as a sign. Needless to say I never ate there.

But after a long day of painting and not wanting to cook anything, Paul and I decided to order something in on Saturday. He suggested Chinese food. Our go-to Chinese place is normally No. 1 Chinese Kitchen. I wasn’t really in the mood for Chinese because I was hot and it just sounded really heavy to me with all the kind of starchyish sauces that coat Chinese food. So he asked if there was anything on the Thai part of the Friend Kitchen menu that I wanted to try.

Let me first say that the Thai selections are meager compared to the Chinese choices and that aside from Pad Thai I don’t think I’ve seen any of the things they had listed actually present on a Thai menu. I decided to order some mango chicken thing that had mangoes and chicken obviously plus there was also jicama and some jalapenos in there. The mango sauce unfortunately had that same kind of starchyish feel that I was trying to avoid, so really it felt like eating some more tropical form of Chinese food. I can’t say that it was very good. Aside from the fact that it wasn’t what I was in the mood for, I didn’t really care for the flavor, and the sauce just seemed kind of goopy. I would never order it again.

Paul ordered General Tso’s Tofu, which is our go-to order at No. 1. It was ok, but we both agreed that we liked No. 1’s better.

We also had a coupon for a free order of fried crab creamcheese wontons. They were rather tasty, but I think it’s kind of hard to go wrong with something like that. I will say that they did not skimp on the order for a free with purchase coupon. I was shocked at how many wontons there were. After eating them at 3 meals, there’s still probably half an order left that is just going to go in the trash at this point. Unfortunately they have crab in them so Paul wouldn’t help me out.

Paul said if he would eat there again if he wanted to walk and get something right away, as we usually wait for No. 1 to deliver because it’s just far enough away that we don’t want to walk, but otherwise we’ll stick with No. 1 for now.

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