Year 4, Book 72

72. Closing Time: A Memoir by Joe Queenan
I picked this book up randomly at the library when I was there to get another book I had placed on hold. Now I kind of wish I hadn’t. It wasn’t a completely horrible book, but for some reason I found it rather tedious to read. I’m not sure why. The story is of the author’s life growing up poor in Philadelphia with an alcoholic father and a mother who didn’t much care to be a mother. He mostly focuses on his relationship with his father and the men his life who he used as surrogate father figures due to his father’s failings. He does have some interesting if not conflicting insights about poor people. As someone who grew up in poverty and is now very well off he seems to both equally blame them for being in the situation they are while also admitting that the experience of their lives and the system keeps them where they are. I give the book 4 out of 10.

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