Year 4, Book 80

80. Tippping the Velvet by Sarah Waters
This is the third book by Waters that I have read this year. As I’ve mentioned previously I really enjoyed The Night Watch, so I’ve been hoping some of her other books would be as good. Unfortunately so far they haven’t. This book takes place in Victorian London, although some of the things that happened in the book seemed a little too forward to really haven’t happened then at least in my mind. The story revolves around Nancy Astley who is from a small town on the coast of England known for it’s oysters. She winds up falling in love and running off to London with a performer named Kitty Butler, and ultimately becomes part of her act. She winds up leaving the stage rather abruptly after her tryst with Kitty ends badly. The rest of the book details her downward spiral and life as a prostitute and then her redemption. I found most of it rather boring. I give it a 4 out of 10.

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