Year 6, Book 7

7. Emily, Alone by Steward O’Nan
Another advanced readers copy that I picked up for free at ALA Midwinter. I have long had some other O’Nan books on my to-read list, but for whatever reason had never actually read anything by him until now. I actually really enjoyed this book, but feel like it is something that very few people would like. In order to appreciate this book you would definitely need to be into books that are purely character study as there is entirely no plot in this book. The novel revolves around Emily, an 80 year old widow living in Pittsburgh. Her children and grandchildren all live at a distance and she regrets not getting to see them frequently. She spends most of her time with her equally elderly sister-in-law. The book is really a chronicle of her thoughts and actions over a years time. I O’Nan did an excellent job of capturing this time in someone’s life, and it made me reflect on my own aging grandmother and parents-in-law and how little I get to see them. An excellent read if you appreciate these types of novels. I give it an 8 out of 10.

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