Year 6, Book 71

71. The Girl with Three Legs: A Memoir by Soraya Mire
This book is the true story of one Somali woman’s fight against female circumcision. She recounts her own painful experiences of being circumcised and forced into a marriage against her will. She shares how she escapes from that situation and winds up in the United States where she begins to advocate for the end of female circumcision and works to make a documentary about the subject called “Fire Eyes”. In the process she hooks up with some very famous people, which is kind of an incredible story in and of itself. She is also one of the original authors of the some of the Vagina Monologues. The book covers a really important subject matter, but I quite honestly had a hard time reading it for reasons other than what it is about. I didn’t find her writing that engaging and also had a hard time following what she was talking about at times. I think much of it had to do with English not being her first language and me not being familiar with the Somali customs she was referring to in less than straightforward ways. She was trying to lead the reader down the same paths she went through discovering the dark practices of her culture, but it just left me confused and diminished my enjoyment of the book. I give it a 6 out of 10.

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