Year 6, Book 91

91. Hometown Dad by Merrillee Whren
I feel a little weird reviewing this book, since my mother wrote it and it’s dedicated to me. I usually avoid doing that because I read the books when they are still in manuscript form and thus aren’t in their final versions so I don’t count them. However, my book club went back and read this book and then had an author discussion with my mother, so I’m adding it to my official tally for the year. It’s the final book in her Kellerville series, which is three books centered on characters living in that town. It can also be read as a stand-alone though. You needn’t have read the first two to enjoy this one. The story follows a widowed mother of two boys, Melanie Drake, and workaholic banker Nathan Keller. Nathan becomes involved in helping out Melanie with her sons as the coach of their little league baseball team, which of course since it’s a romance novel leads to so much more.

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