Year 7, Book 6

6. The Underside of Joy by Sere Prince Halverson
The Underside of Joy examines what it means to be a mother. After the tragic drowning death of her husband Ella Beane is suddenly confronted by the return of Paige, the biological mother of the children she has been raising as her own for the past 3 years. Paige left the children when her son was still a baby and her daughter was still a toddler. She now claims that she was suffering from post-partum depression when she left, she has received treatment and wants her children back. She also claims that she attempted to reestablish contact previously, but was ignored by her ex-husband. Ella has seen no evidence that Paige had anything to do with the children in the 3 years she has been in their lives, and is desperately trying to hold her disintegrating family together. Who has the right to call themselves the mother of these children? While I did enjoy reading the book it did tie up in too much of a nice little package for me at the end. I had no doubt the entire book that it would, but it wasn’t a very realistic ending in my opinion. I give it 7 out of 10.

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