Year 7, Book 7

7. Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards
I admit I had a really hard time following this book because I couldn’t keep the characters and how everyone was related straight in my head. The whole time I was reading the book I was wishing there was a family tree. Hey guess what! There is one. Only it’s on the last page of the book so unless you happen to flip to the end before you actually get there you’ll never find it until it’s too late. So you’re welcome future readers for the heads up about that.

Other than the issue with having a problem keep characters and their relationships straight I found Lake of Dreams to be an enjoyable read. The story centers around Lucy who while at somewhat of a crossroads in her life has returned to her family’s home in Lake of Dreams, NY for a visit. Lucy’s father died in a fishing accident shortly before her graduation from high school, and once she left the town for college she avoided returning. Not only does her trip home stir up long buried feelings and questions over her father’s death it unearths a long buried family secret regarding a relative that was deeply intrenched in the suffragette movement. I give the book 7 out of 10.

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