Year 7, Book 8

8. This Beautiful Life by Helen Schulman
This Beautiful Life was anything but beautiful. It is a book filled with obnoxiously self-absorbed characters that I completely hated. I didn’t care about their problems, and way the parents’ story end seemed to come out of nowhere for me. The plot centers around a well-to-do family who recently relocated to New York City. They appear to be bored living their frivolous lives until their world is shattered by the stupid mistake of their teenage son. After hooking up with a young girl at a party, she sends him a video of herself naked and lets just say doing stuff with a baseball bat. He unwisely sends it along to one of his friends who of course sends it along and you get what happens. The rest of the story centers on them trying to pick up the pieces and prevent his future from falling apart while also salvaging the damage it has done to their own work and reputations. I give it 2 out of 10.

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