Year 7, Book 82

82. The Road Back: A Journey of Grace and Grit by Michael Vitez

This book is the true story of Matt Miller, a University of Virginia student who was severely injured when being struck by a car during a bike ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The injuries he sustained to his head were so severe the doctors did not expect him to make it, but instead Matt defied the odds to an incredible degree recovering at an incredible pace and going on to attend medical school and run a triathalon. It’s truly an incredible story of an amazing young man. I’m not sure it was something I needed to read an entire book about though. The book was written by a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, who profiled Matt in the paper. I imagine I would have gotten just as much out of the newspaper profile as I did from the book. Not that I’m dissuading anyone from reading the book because it is an impressive story. I give it a 7 out of 10.

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