Year 7, Book 84

84. Becoming Dr. Q: My Journey from Migrant Farm Worker to Brain Surgeon
When I first met one of my friends her mom was getting ready to undergo brain surgery to have a tumor removed. Though not her primary doctor, Dr. Q has been involved in her care at points. Over the summer I happened to be at dinner with my friend’s mother and she mentioned this book, which sounded intriguing to me. Dr. Q actually illegally immigrated to the United States and now is a renowned brain surgeon at Johns Hopkins. It’s an impressive story. He doesn’t really get into the issue of illegal immigration at all except to tell the story of how he came to the US and to touch briefly on how he was able to remain legally. Even with a secondary writer the book definitely reads as if it was written by someone who is not a writer. I would still recommend it for the story, but don’t expect to be wowed by the writing itself. I give it a 6 out of 10.

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