Year 7, Book 85

85. Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon
I should really just stop reading Chabon’s books because they obviously are just not my thing. They always seem to get these rave reviews, but I wind up reading them and am at best underwhelmed. The story revolves around Archy and Nat who own a record store that is being threatened by the impending arrival of a megastore being built around the corner. Meanwhile their wives Gwen and Aviva have a midwife practice together that is facing its own problems due to a birth gone wrong. I by far found Gwen’s story to be the most enjoyable. Every time the store switched focus away from her to another character I immediately felt myself losing interest. If you like Chabon’s other books I’m guessing you’ll like this one as well because I’ve heard other people who are not me say good things. I just didn’t find it all that enjoyable. I give it a 5 out of 10.

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