Year 7, Book 86

86. And All the Stars by Andrea K. Host
This is a young adult book, but again like many young adult books these days I think it has broad appeal despite the main characters being teenagers. Madeleine is a burgeoning young artist only concerned with being able to finish a portrait of her famous cousin when the world turns upside down. The story takes place in Australia, but there is an alien attack affecting the entire world. Spires suddenly emerge from the ground shooting out a glittery dust that when inhaled turns people either green or blue, each color signifying different changes in their bodies and abilities. Madeleine bands with a group of teenagers from a nearby boarding school and a few others they pick up along the way to try and figure out what is happening and how they can defeat it and return their world to normal.

Overall I found this to be an enjoyable book. I had a hard time following some of the descriptions, but that may just be due to my lack of imagination. My inability to picture what was being described didn’t really affect my ability to enjoy the book though. It was an imaginative book with well written characters. If you’ve been enjoying the wave of excellent young adult novels over the past several years you will probably like this book too. I give it a 7 out of 10.

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