Year 8, Books 82 and 83

82. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

83. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

I am the only person on the face of the planet who did not think that Gone Girl was the best book ever written. In fact I didn’t even like it, so I’m not sure why I decided I should read Gillian Flynn’s back catalog but I did. After reading Sharp Objects and Dark Places I can pretty much declare that I am not a fan of Gillian Flynn, though I didn’t hate either of these books like I did Gone Girl. I think my problem with her books are that I just don’t like her characters. I’ve actually seen a lot of stuff floating around online lately about how it’s ridiculous to think that you have to like the characters in a book in order for it to be a good book. I’m not saying that these aren’t good books I’m just saying they aren’t for me. I personally want to be rooting for at least one character. I don’t enjoy reading books where all the characters are completely loathsome. I don’t think that makes me any less of a person or intelligent reader. It’s just a matter of preference. My dislike of Gone Girl hasn’t stopped me from recommending it to others because I know how well liked it is.

There were at least some redeeming qualities to some of the characters in Sharp Objects and Dark Places, but ultimately I wasn’t in love with either of the books. If you enjoyed Gone Girl though I would recommend checking them out. There’s probably a good chance that you will enjoy these books too.

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