Year 8, Book 90

90. Maya’s Notebook by Isabel Allende

I have been a long time fan of Isabel Allende and read everything she writes. I didn’t enjoy this book as much as a I have some of her other ones, but it was still good. The titular Maya is a teenage girl who has come into some trouble after the death of her beloved grandfather and has run away to hide from the people who may be after her in the small Chilean town where her grandmother is from. The story switches back and forth between the present and her life in Chile and the past, which eventually fills in the story of what happened to cause her to be on the run.

While I was reading the book I was much more drawn into the story being told of her life in Las Vegas and all the horrible things she gets involved with there than I was the much slower story taking place in Chile. Upon reflection though I feel like this is probably a deliberate writing choice and it’s supposed to feel like that. It sets the mood and the comparison between the frenetic and awful life Maya finds herself living in as Vega as compared to the much slower life she is living in a small village in Chile where she has to come to terms with herself and her choices. I give it a 7 out of 10.