Year 8, Book 105

105. Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

Kate is a high-powered lawyer and a single mom to a teenage girl named Amelia. Even though she hasn’t always had a lot of time for her daughter because of her job she is sure that they have a good relationship and that her daughter is for the most part a good kid. That is all called into question the morning she receives a phone call from her daughter’s school telling her that her daughter has been suspended and needs to be picked up from school immediately. She can’t imagine what her daughter might have done and thinks there must be a mistake. When she arrives at the school she is horrified to discover that the police are blocking off access and that the body lying under the sheet in front of it belongs to her daughter Amelia. Her death is labeled a suicide, which Kate cannot believe and she begins to investigate and try to piece together what was actually happening in her daughter’s life to prove that she didn’t actually jump. The story is told alternately through Kate’s investigation occurring in the presence and from Amelia’s perspective in the past until the two stories come together and reveal what actually happened up on the roof of the school.

I really like this book a lot. There was probably a bit too much going on at the end trying to tie everything together, but for the most part this was an excellent book. It was written in such a way that even though I knew Amelia was dead from the beginning I wanted everything to come together for her and to be all right in the end. Obviously the answers Kate receives have to be enough, but I really connected with the characters in this book and would highly recommend it. I give it a 9 out of 10.

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