Year 9, Book 1

1. The Secret History by Donna Tartt

Prior to reading this book I had never read any of Donna Tartt’s books. Her second book, The Little Friend came out when I was working at Barnes and Noble and everyone was excited about it and kept talking about how great this book was. I managed to pick up a galley of The Little Friend at the time, but never read it. It languished on my book shelf for over a decade. Then the Goldfinch came out and so many people in my Twitter feed started raving about it that I decided it was high time I read all three of Donna Tartt’s books. I decided to read them in chronological order, so The Secret History was my first one.

The story revolves around a group of students at a college in New England. Richard is the outsider who gets drawn into a group with 5 other scholars studying in a special program with one professor at the school. He eventually finds himself in the middle a big secret that leads to even more horrifying events and secrets.

I was really not a big fan of this book for the most part. Books that treat college (or boarding school) like this kind of drive me nuts. It’s like people making movies, writing books, etc. have created this fiction of snobby, erudite college kids that resembles no reality I have ever encountered in all my time spent on college campuses as an undergrad, grad student, or employee. You see it over and over again and it bugs me, so this book was pretty much doomed with me from the start.

All the characters are pretty horrible people and pretty much get what they deserve in my opinion or maybe not even what they deserve. This book was definitely my least favorite of the three. I give it a 5 out of 10.

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