Year 9, Book 23

23. Invisible City by Julia Dahl

I managed to follow up reading a book called Visible City by reading one called Invisible City. The silly things that amuse me. Rebekah Roberts is a new reporter who is staking out the murder of a Hasidic woman. The daughter of a Hasidic Jewish woman who left her in her infancy to return to the Hasidic lifestyle, Rebekah is drawn to the Hasidic community both to solve the mysteries of her own past as well as what happened to the murdered woman.

This was a fine sort of murder mystery. It’s not my favorite genre and this one didn’t stand out to me in any particular way, so I’m kind of the mind it is what it is. Based on the labeling in Goodreads it seems like this might be the start of a series of books featuring this character. I do think it was set up in a way that leaves room to continue to delve into Rebekah as a character, so if you’re into murder mysteries with a recurring lead this might interest you. I give it a 6 out of 10.

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