Year 9, Book 91

91. The Distance Between Us by Reyna Grande

This was the One Maryland, One Book selection for 2014. As is the custom one of my book clubs read it because of that. The book is Grande’s memoir about growing up poor in Mexico separated from her parents as they had illegally emigrated to America leaving her and her siblings with their abusive grandmother. Eventually her parents divorce, her mother pretty much completely abandons them, and they are smuggled to America to live with their father and his new wife. She then recounts her experiences living with her also abusive father, adjusting to life in a new country where she doesn’t understand the language, and working to eventually make something of her life. Reyna definitely has had an extremely difficult life, so the story is a very sad one to read for the most part. I would imagine that partly because English is her second language, the book is somewhat simply written. Thus although the story was compelling, I wasn’t really that enthralled with the book. I give it a 6 out of 10.

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