Year 10, Book 14

14. Second Life by S.J. Watson

I adored Watson’s first novel “Before I Go to Sleep” and literally couldn’t put it down. Thus I was extremely excited to read “Second Life”. Sadly it did not at all live up to my expectations. It started out promising, but went rapidly downhill from there. The story revolves around Julia who is worried that her younger sister Kate has decided to take back her teenage son, who Julia and her husband have been raising since he was a baby. Instead Kate turns up murdered and Julia doesn’t believe the police are doing enough to find her killer. She begins investigating on her own joining an online dating site that Kate was using in order to try and find suspects. Her obsession with the site may just lead to the downfall of her family instead of finding her sister’s killer.

I thought everything Julia was doing was ridiculous and her reasoning behind deciding one particular guy might be her sister’s killer was a stretch at best. The book was not at all gripping and Julia did such a fine job of screwing up everything that I barely even cared who Kate’s killer was by the end. I give it 4 out of 10.