Year 11, Book 29

29. Wilde Lake by Laura Lippman

I really wish I had liked this book more than I did. I heard Laura Lippman speak about it, and I enjoyed her talk much more than I enjoyed the book itself. It takes place in Columbia, Maryland which is a planned suburban city about halfway between Baltimore and DC. The book goes back and forth between the late 70s and today. Luisa is the first female States Attorney in Howard County and when she catches a murder case soon after taking over the job she starts to examine the memories she has from her childhood when another incident occurred when her father held the same job.

The book felt a little bit all over the place to me. In her talk she spoke a lot about her motivations for the writing the book and while what she was after is indeed a part of the book, I fear her message gets sort of lost in all the threads.There was also one particular thing I won’t give away that comes to light at the end of the book that I found rather ridiculous. Unfortunately this is not one of Lippman’s best books, but if you get the chance to hear her speak about it I would highly recommend it. I give it a 6 out of 10.

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