Year 12, Book 78

78. The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian

Cassie is a flight attendant with a drinking problem who works a lot of international routes. Her hard partying ways turn into a living nightmare when she wakes up one morning in Dubai lying in bed next to a man who has obviously been murdered. Her drunken memories are devoid of anything that can help her piece together what happened. She even begins to wonder if there is any way she might have killed him.

She leaves the scene of the crime and returns to the United States hoping to put the whole event behind her, but when the FBI begins asking questions she knows her time is probably limited, and starts to do whatever she can to figure out what happened that night on her own.

I usually enjoy Chris Bohjalian’s books, but I didn’t really connect with this one. I got really tired of spending so much time with an alcoholic character constantly working against her best interests. Also I couldn’t stop comparing this book to his previous book in which a character also becomes caught up in some crazy international conspiracy through no fault of their own, but can’t remember what happened because they were blackout drunk. I give this a 6 out of 10.

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