Year 12, Book 96

96. The Address by Fiona Davis

In 1884, a chance encounter with Theodore Camden, the architect of the grand new apartment house The Dakota, results in housekeeper Sara Smythe leaving her home and job in London for a new life in New York City as the managerette of the property.

One hundred years later in 1985, Bailey Camden is down on her luck after a stint in rehab, so she agrees to renovate her cousin Melinda’s apartment in the Dakota even though the new design goes against her judgment. Although they are both Camdens, Bailey’s grandfather was a ward of Theodore Camden and not his true son, so her part of the family has been left of the inheritance that her cousin Melinda is about to receive on her 30th birthday. But in the process of the renovation Bailey begins to uncover secrets about the murder to Theodore Camden, Sara Smythe, the woman who murdered him, and what her real lineage may actually be.

Apparently I’ve been on somewhat of a historical fiction kick recently, even though I didn’t really mean to be. I quite enjoyed this book too. I give it an 8 out of 10.

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