Year 13, Book 3

3. The Parking Lot Attendant by Nafkote Tamirat

This book starts with a father and daughter showing up to live as the newest and somewhat unwelcome residents in a mysterious commune on a remote island. In the second chapter you’re taken back to Boston where you begin to learn about their family and the Ethiopian community they are a part of and eventually as the book unfolds how they wound up on the island. In chapter three you finally meet the parking lot attendant, a fellow Ethiopian who is involved in some shady dealings. Even though he is older than her father the daughter develops a deep friendship with the parking lot attendant and he draws them into his world.

This book had an interesting start, but then it just sort of stayed stuck in neutral and then I never was able to connect what was happening on the island with the rest of the story. The whole island part never really made much sense to me. I give it a 5 out of 10.

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