Year 13, Book 4

4. Kindred by Octavia Butler

I don’t know why I never read Kindred before. Being that it’s a classic novel I’ve heard how good it is for years, but I never bothered to pick it up. I guess because science fiction is not my genre and it’s generally categorized that way. Other than the time travel it’s not really a science fiction novel at all.

Dana lives in 1976 with her husband but is suddenly without warning sent back in time to the days of slavery where she encounters a young white boy in danger of losing his life. She is continuously pulled back over the course of his life each time he fears for his life. After figuring out she is his descendent she decides she has to make sure he remains alive long enough to father her great-grandmother while worrying that she might wind up trapped in the 1800s forever.

Pulling a woman from what was then modern day when this book was written into the time of slavery provided an interesting look at how slaves were treated and how little recourse even free blacks had at the time. Of course now almost 30 years on there is another added dimension comparing how our country deals with race now compared to when the book was written.

This was an excellent book. If for some reason you have put off reading it like I did go rectify your mistake now. I give it 9 out of 10.

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