Year 13, Book 14

14. Off Campus by Amy Jo Cousins

Tom Worthington is returning to campus completely broke after his father is arrested for running a Ponzi scheme. After being caught up in the spotlight of the scandal he wants to come back to school, keep his head down, avoid everyone, and just finish out his degree if he can cobble together enough money to keep paying for school. In order to avoid his old life he’s managed to get assigned to a special dorm for older returning students, but when he gets there his roommate Reese Anders is not an older student and is not expecting to have a roommate. Reese tries to use his overt gayness to drive away his new jock roommate, but Tom refuses to budge and finds himself determined to find out what has created the fear Reese obviously has of him especially when he finds himself attracted to his new roommate. I give it a 6 out of 10.

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