Year 13, Book 17

17. Bimini Twist by Linda Greenlaw

I have really enjoyed Greenlaw’s non-fiction books in the past, so I figured I would give one of her fiction books a try. I gather this is the fourth in a series of mystery books featuring the character of Jane Bunker who works in a small town in Maine as a deputy sheriff and insurance investigator. In this particular book she is called in to help when a young girl in the country on a work exchange visa for the summer goes missing. At first she suspects that the girl has just run off with a lover, a local naval cadet, but when he goes missing too everything changes.

This was not a good book. For someone whose non-fiction writing I enjoyed Greenlaw does not seem to be a very good fiction writer. The plot development was weak. The characters are not developed at all. Greenlaw basically just tells you who they are and what their thing is. Instead of writing so that you as a reader can see that this quirky town character is like this because you see them act like that she pretty much tells you this town character is quirky because they do this thing. I guess if she’s written four of these books someone must be enjoying them, but it’s not me. I hope she writes some more non-fiction. I give it a 3 out of 10.

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