Year 13, Book 29

29. Not Our Kind by Kitty Zeldis

Shortly after World War II Patricia and Eleanor’s paths cross after their taxis collide in New York’s Upper East Side. Through serendipity Eleanor is a teacher who has recently left her position and Patricia is looking for a tutor for her polio stricken daughter Margaux. In a world that is still less than friendly to Jewish people Eleanor is forced to hide that she is a Jew from Patricia’s wider world. Her Jewishness also becomes an issue when she finds herself romantically involved with Patricia’s brother Tom. Then one night something happens that forces both Patricia and Eleanor to reconsider their lives and their relationships.

I liked this book at the beginning, but I think I got a little bored with it as I kept reading. In some ways the characters seemed a little one dimensional particularly all the men. I also felt like Patricia was given an easy out at the end so that she didn’t really have to follow through on any decisions. I give it a 5 out of 10.

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