Year 13, Book 85

85. Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Alex is the twenty-something first son of the United States’ first female president and finds himself having to do some fake PR with his new “best friend” Prince Henry, second in line to the British throne after they almost start an international incident after a fight at a royal wedding. But it turns out neither is exactly who the other thought he was and now they are fighting an entirely different kind of international incident as they find themselves falling in love.

I adored this book. It’s definitely one of my favorite reads of 2018 (sorry for most of you that it doesn’t actually come out until mid-2019). It was smart, funny, and romantic. The characters were fantastic. My only complaint is that it gave me a kind of PTSD over the 2016 election because it was very obviously modeled as if Hillary had won the election. In the afterward the author indicates that she almost abandoned the book, which she had started writing previously, after Trump won. Reading it felt a little like rubbing salt in the wound of what should have been, but really that’s a minor quibble. The book is great. I highly recommend it, especially if you are a fan of the book The Royal We. I give it a 9 out of 10.

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