Year 14, Book 37

37. Stealing Home by Becky Wallace

This is a really sweet and enjoyable YA novel. Seventeen year old Ryan has spent her life helping out with the minor league baseball team her family owns. She wants nothing more than to become a manager of the team when she graduates. There is a strict no dating the players policy, but when the new phenom Sawyer comes to town she is irresistibly drawn to his charm. To make matters worse it now seems like her mom is trying to sell the team out from under her dashing her dreams. Is her whole future about to come tumbling down thanks to a cute boy and her own mother?

I kind of loved this book for the most part. I know it’s a YA thing in all sorts of media for teens to be living unrealistically grown up lives, but it seemed ridiculous to me that teenagers would be doing some of the things these characters do. Since nothing much really takes place in relation to them being in high school I just chose to imagine them in their mid-20s so that it made more sense to real life. That’s just my own personal quibble and didn’t really detract from the story, which I very much enjoyed. I give it an 8 out of 10.

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